Friday, May 29, 2009

Pixar's UP

Everyone has been saying online that Pixar may not land a hit with Up because it stars an old man. I could have sworn they said the same thing last year about Wall-E, which was one of my favorite movies of last year. And probably in the top 20 all time. Well, its Sunday night and Up is number 1 with 68 million. Crisis averted. 

This is a very touching story. It seems with the bank rolling up to Pixar, it lets them tell more heartfelt stories than cartoons or live action have made in a while. Especially for summertime fare. In there past two films Pixar has been able to put more heart into their movies without a word of dialog than I can remember. 

Where would I drop this gem in the pantheon of Pixar's stable. Probably 3rd or 4th. Wall-E, Incredibles, Toy Story, Up, Nemo, etc etc. There is some fluidity of those pictures, lets just call them the top five and leave it at that.

Did you enjoy it?

Would you see it in theaters again?

Would you rent it?

Would you buy it?

Would you watch it if you saw it was on TV?


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