Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drive (best movie you didn't go see)

Before seeing the movie "Drive" I was baffled by the font being used (along with the escalator posters at the AMC Rivers East). Then the second the movie starts, I got it. This is a throwback to those desolate emotionless 70's action movies mixed with an 80's synth soundtrack.

And boy is it good. It is a quiet movie until it's not. And once it is not, boy is it not. Don't get me wrong, there is an almost grindhouse level of gore that might catch some off guard. The movie has gotten a lot of praise for Albert Brooks' performance as a gangster.

Ryan Gosling plays a part time movie stunt man. He also works in an auto body shop. And his boss has dreams of making him into race car driver. Of course things don't go as plan. He gets involved with a mother and son who are making ends meet as their patriarch is in jail.

Did I mention Gosling is also a getaway driver for hire? Yes, you would think with all that's going on there wouldn't be time for characters. But that is where the movie really shines. This is a nice small little character piece / heist movie / crime drama. I'm sad more people (or at least action fans) didn't see this movie. It's still in theaters and I might have to go again. Trust me, it's good.

Plus, the movie inspired the crew over at Stack of Monkeys to put together a tribute playlist. Its so good it tricked me into thinking it was just the whole soundtrack (but really it's only 3 of 18 songs). Check it out here: Tokyo Club

Did you enjoy it?
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