Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moneyball (with Jonah Hill Q&A)

Moneyball- the book is very good. But just like Fast Food Nation, how do you take a book with a lot of stats and information, and turn it into a Hollywood blockbuster. Well, Brad Pitt doesn't hurt.

Of course, there were a lot of people involved in the Sabre Metrics revolution. So, instead of those guys, you get Jonah Hill playing a cobbled version of all of them. But it does work well and gives Brad someone to play against. Jonah and Brad against the machine.

Those who don't know the story, it is revolving around the poor (cash poor) Oakland A's who put together a team of "bad news bears" based on different stats than people are used to (in the baseball world). It made for quite an engaging story. It doesn't have a Cinderella ending, which is always a plus.

Jonah was on hand for a Question and Answer session after the movie. He was very funny but the microphone kept going in and out, which was annoying. My crummy pictures of the event below.

Did you enjoy it?

Would you see it in theaters again?
No. I only read the book once too.

Would you buy it?
No, not an A's fan.

Would you rent it?

Would you watch it if you saw it was on TV?


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